A new generation reinsurance underwriting business, specialising in delivering short-tail reinsurance solutions.

About Us

As a full quoting market, with the backing of the Chord Re Lloyd’s Consortium (‘Chord Re’), led by Beat Syndicate 4242, we are able to offer lead and follow capacity as well as private placements over multiple classes of Treaty Reinsurance.

We aim to provide the perfect combination of deep product knowledge and a balanced portfolio, uniting quantitative analysis with experienced judgement to provide clients with innovative, tailored solutions.

Our market-leading team is deeply experienced in the London market, with 70 years’ collective experience writing and managing risk at a variety of insurance and reinsurance carriers.

Harnessing our extensive reinsurance expertise and experience, we are able to offer coverage across the following classes of business:

  • Property Catastrophe
  • Property Per Risk XoL
  • Property Proportional
  • Engineering XoL and Proportional – Marine &
  • Energy
  • Marine Composite
  • Aviation and Space
  • Terror
  • Nuclear
  • Contingency & Miscellaneous

Capabilities & Line Sizes

  • We offer lead capacity across all classes
  • We have the capability to provide niche, bespoke products to clients worldwide
  • Maximum line size of USD 20,000,000

Financial Strength

As a Beat Syndicate 4242 led Lloyd’s Consortium, Chord Re Consortium benefits from the financial strength and security of the world’s pre-eminent specialist insurance and reinsurance market.

‘A+’ Standard & Poor’s

‘AA-’ Fitch

‘A’ A.M. Best

What we do

We are a full quoting market that can offer lead capacity of up to $20m per contract in the following classes of Treaty Reinsurance.

  • Property Catastrophe Treaty
  • Property Per Risk Treaty
  • Property Proportional Treaty
  • Engineering XoL and Engineering Proportional Treaty
  • Marine & Energy Treaty
  • Marine Composite Treaty
  • Aviation and Space Treaty
  • Terror Treaty
  • Nuclear Treaty
  • Contingency Treaty
  • Cyber Treaty